SuniRay 2 Digital Intraoral Sensor

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SuniRay 2 Digital Intraoral Sensor (Size 1 + Size 2)

SuniRay 2 achieves maximal image quality with superior diagnostic capabilities while maintaining the lowest radiation levels among all digital sensors. The comprehensive and feature-rich Prof. Suni Advanced Imaging Software supplements the SuniRay 2’s high-quality imaging with a wide array of user-friendly customization and image-enhancement tools. With the SuniRay 2, Suni has created a complete digital radiography system that seamlessly integrates with your entire practice.

X-Ray Imaging Properties

  • Resolution: The pixel resolution of the high resolution (HiRes) sensors exceeds 15 lp/mm. The standard resolution of an X-Ray image, as measured by the modulation transfer function (MTF) exceeds 12 lp/mm. This is measured by using a standard 60 kV intraoral X-ray source.
  • Does Efficiency: The sensor will produce a high quality image with an X-Ray dose that is only a fraction of the standard dose required by Dental X-Ray film.
  • Diagnostic Efficacy: The system will produce a superior image quality of images obtained when using standard dental X-Ray film. This allows the dentist to diagnose standard intraoral pathologies encountered during screening procedures.
  • Wide dynamic range: The sensor pixel well capacity is very high, allowing a higher accommodation of greyscale (bone density) dynamic range.

Sensor Material Biocompatibility Specifications

The sensor’s body material and cable material are biocompatible. The sensors and all component materials have been tested to comply with ISO standards, and specifically, the sensor complies with EN IS0-10993 (Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices).


Technical data Size 1 Size 2
Sensor Dimensions (mm) 39.5 x 26 43.5 x 31.5
Active Area (mm) 31.1 x 20.2 35.2 x 26.2
Sensor Technology CMOS APS Fiber Plate CMOS APS Fiber Plate
Maximum Gray Levels 4096 4096
Sensor Cable 3 feet (1m) 3 feet (1m)
Cable Attachment Reinforced Strain Relief Reinforced Strain Relief
USB Module Integrated USB 2.0 Module Integrated USB 2.0 Module
Software Prof. Suni Prof. Suni

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